Trade Mark Searches

A trade mark search can be very useful when choosing a business or product name to ensure that your choice of name does not infringe another businesses registered trade mark. A thorough trade mark search is also an essential first step of a trade mark application.

Australian Trade Marks Register Search
Australian availability and infringement search (word marks)
Australian availability and infringement search (word marks and logos)

Trade Mark Applications

(includes the price of the Trade Mark Searches)

The trade mark application process involves applying the trade mark law to the circumstances of your business to determine how your business can have the best legal protection.

Trade mark application (first class)
Trade mark application (each additional class)
$660 (+$330 govt fee)
$275 (+$330 govt fee)

Trade Mark Registration

If your trade mark application is accepted and is not opposed (or the opposition is overcome) then you are able to register your trade mark.

Trade mark registration (first class)
Trade mark registration (each additional class)
(for applications lodged after 16 October 2016)

All prices include GST and Government fees.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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